How long should grow lights be on for seedlings?

How long should grow lights be on for seedlings?

Seedlings require a lot of light to grow strong and healthy, but it's important not to overexpose them to light. As a general rule if using LED Grow Lights, seedlings need between 12 and 16 hours of light per day. Make sure that this mimics the natural daylight hours in the spring and summer when plants typically grow the most.

Distance between LED Grow Lights and seedlings

It's also essential to make sure the light is not too close to the seedlings. The distance between the light and the seedlings will depend on the type of grow light you are using. In general, fluorescent grow lights should be placed 2-4 inches away from the seedlings, while LED grow lights can be placed a little further away, around 12-24 inches.

Use LEG Grow Light Timer

It's a good idea to use a timer to ensure that your grow light is consistently on for the right amount of time each day. Set automatic timer to 12 hours to turn the light on in the morning and off in the evening to mimic natural daylight hours. This will help ensure that your seedlings get the right amount of light they need to grow strong and healthy. 

Light spectrum

Plants require different wavelengths of light to grow, and the best grow lights for seed starting emit a full spectrum of light. While some growers may be tempted to use regular fluorescent or incandescent bulbs for seedlings, these lights do not provide the necessary spectrum of light and can lead to spindly and weak plants. T5 LED grow lights are great options for seedlings as they produce a full spectrum of light that promotes healthy growth.

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