What is a Grow Light?

What is a Grow Light?

LED grow lights provide a light spectrum similar to that of the sun. LED grow lights are composed of multiple individual light-emitting diodes converting electron energy into usable plant light. Grow lights are mostly used for food production, horticulture, and plant propagation. However, in recent years LED grow lights are becoming popular for indoor gardening including indoor hydroponics and aquatic plants.

Compared to other types of lights, LEDs are extremely efficient and don't create too much heat. LED grow lights are great for indoor plant use because they are energy-efficient, durable, and have ‘tuned’ light spectrums to best meet the plant’s needs.

Manufacturers have been able to tune LED grow lights so that they emit the best spectrum of light for plants. Blue and red light are the two colours that most plants prefer for optimum growth, so many of today’s LED grow lights have strong peaks in both of these colours. In fact, some LEDs emit only red light or blue light, and when combined looks purple to the human eye.

Fortunately there are LED Grow lights for home use that emit white light, thanks to the manufacturers adding other colours to the spectral mix.

White LED grow lights provide a full spectrum of light designed to mimic natural light, providing plants a balanced spectrum of red, blue and green. White LED grow lights are designed to emit similar amounts of red and blue light with the added green light to appear white.

Do you need a grow light for your indoor plants?

Most indoor plants like bright indirect light. Also remember that light, rather than fertilizer, is plant food. If you notice that your indoor plants are stunted, or stalky stretching out towards the light, this is the sign your indoor plants need a grow light.

Especially during our long winter days — many of our houseplants are pretty much on a starvation diet. Some plants can tough out the dark days of winter, but they often look sparse and rather sad for months.

Is an LED grow light worth your investment? Weighing all of the factors, I would say yes, LED lights grow lights are worth the cost.
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