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T5 LED Bar Grow Light (Full Spectrum)

T5 LED Bar Grow Light (Full Spectrum)

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This custom made T5 LED tube grow lights (blue+red+warm white) are one of the best types of lights you can use to grow any kind of plant and are perfect for your plant shelf, under cabinet or propagation set up. T5s are extremely efficient allowing you to save money on electricity while still providing bright, powerful light. 

Full spectrum

Full spectrum light with three colour options, red glow, blue/yellow glow, and blue/red/white, gives you complete control over each stage of your plants' growth.

Easy Install

With included clips and cable ties, you can install the lights by yourself in minutes. All 4 grow light tubes are connected to a switch control panel using only one power source. Perfect for under cabinet or shelf lighting where you place your plants.

What's included in each pack:
  • 4 x T5 Grow light tubes (40 cm each)
  • 1 x Adapter for USB interface
  • 10 x cable ties
  • Double-sided tape (please cut into two pieces when using).




-Quantity of LEDs -192pcs for 4 strips 1 (not many grow lights have this number of LED chips).
-Extra long cable-280cm - which makes it convenient to use anywhere.
-The length of cables from tubes to a switch panel is 70 cm and they can be separated up to a switch panel.
-The length of light tubes is 40 cm
-Aluminium shell (not plastic).
-Scientific heat dissipation design. With the support of aviation-grade radiator, even if it is used continuously for 24 hours, the heat of the lamp body will not exceed 25C/77F, and the performance is very stable.
-USB interface.
-Timing automatic on/off memory-Timing lighting can be set to 3, 9 or 12H.
-3 colour switching & 9-level dimming - Red glow, Blue/yellow glow, or blue/red/white at the same time.
-9 levels of brightness adjustable from 10% to 100% to meet the needs of different growth cycles of plants.
-Blue wavelength 430-470nm
-Red wavelengths 620-630nm
-Warm white-3000k-3200k
-Input Voltage: 5V
-Produces 80w of incandescent light but consumes 15w
-Working Temperature: -20°~40°
-FCC, CE, and ROHS certified.


Delivery time

We offer prompt delivery within New Zealand, typically taking 3-4 working days. For our customers in Australia, please allow a slightly longer delivery time of 7-14 days.



We guarantee the quality of our products. If any item is faulty, we'll gladly replace or refund it. Our grow lights come with a 12-month warranty for your peace of mind. If you encounter any defects within 12 months of purchase, just contact us. We'll repair or replace your product at no extra cost. This warranty applies to the original owner, covering normal use, and doesn't include damage from misuse, alterations, or unauthorized repairs. Your satisfaction matters most to us. For any questions or concerns about your product, feel free to contact us. We're here to assist you with top-notch customer service and support.

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