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Hydroponic Microgreen Kit Set with Reusable Mesh Medium

Hydroponic Microgreen Kit Set with Reusable Mesh Medium

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Grow fresh, nutritious microgreens right at home with our Hydroponic Microgreen Kit Set. This innovative kit is designed for convenience and sustainability, offering a unique reusable mesh growing medium. Unlike traditional growing mediums like soil or coir that require constant repurchasing and recycling, our mesh medium can be used repeatedly, saving you time and money.

With our kit, you can experience the benefits of hydroponic gardening, allowing you to grow microgreens without soil. The food-grade plastic trays and mesh ensure a safe and hygienic environment for your plants. The set includes two trays—a bottom tray and an inside mesh tray—providing ample space for multiple batches of microgreens.

You'll also receive four varieties of high-quality seeds: beetroot, mizuna, mustard, and cress. Each seed type comes in an individual pouch, containing 50 grams of seeds. This diverse selection allows you to enjoy a range of flavours and nutritional benefits.

To support healthy growth and prevent fungal issues, our kit includes a specially formulated organic anti-fungal spray. The spray comes with a convenient bottle and solution, ensuring optimal plant health throughout the growing process.

Embrace sustainable gardening practices and unlock the full potential of hydroponic microgreen cultivation with our Hydroponic Microgreen Kit Set. Enjoy fresh, homegrown microgreens that are packed with nutrients, flavour, and the satisfaction of knowing you're making an eco-friendly choice. Start your microgreen journey today!

Please check out a kit set with the grow lights included.


The kit includes:
1- bottom tray
1- inside tray with holes
1-amber spray bottle
1-Anti-fungal solution inside the bottle (which will need to be diluted with water)
2- food grade special mesh as growing mediums
4 packs of seed - includes varieties of beetroot, mizuna, mustard and cress, each with an individual pouch of 50 grams of seeds.


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